“I miss doing eurythmy with you Lynn. It was such am amazing experience of putting movement to sounds/words. Challenging, refreshing, and good exercise for my brain and soul.”

Sheila James, JD Lawyer/Mediator and Writer/Actor California

“I asked Lynn to create a special piece of art that I could reflect upon and draw inspiration from during a particularly difficult chapter in my life. She exceeded my expectations with Journey Across the Abyss. The colors truly captured the essence of my own personal journey and provided a source of comfort and hope. Thank you, Lynn!”

David Rollins, CPCU, Business Executive, Texas

“Wholeheartedly I thank you for sharing yourself and your wonderful gift with all of us yesterday. Know that the women loved it and enjoyed every moment. The effect was felt and seen this morning even in their singing … A…LLE…LU…IA exploded from within… it was wonderful! I heard so many positive comments. I wish you could have seen the women’s faces and heard what they had to say about your gentle beautiful way of expressing yourself and how meaningful it was for them. And know, too, that we volunteers enjoyed you as much as the women did. I felt such a strong unity among all of us. We were a “we” !!! These are times when we all forget where we are… And you made this happen, Lynn.”

Sr. Monique Gautier, CIW Program, Sisters of St. Joseph, Orange, CA

“Lynn, I just want to express my thanks for all the effort you put into training our group. It was a pleasure and joy for me. I feel that I really gained a great deal. It seemed to clear away a lot of cobwebs in my mind. My study is much improved as a result. Looking forward to the next funshop.”

Henry Simms, LUTCF, Financial Services Professional, Mutual of Omaha, California

“Lynn, Just took a look at the gallery of art on your website and your paintings wonderful!! I really liked “Communicating with Spirit” and “Journey To New Thinking.” The blend of figurative and abstract, with the brushstroke pattern, and color scheme really bring to light the inherent tension we (human beings) have in trying to understand relationship between physical and metaphysical realities. These are really great pieces, just thought you should know.”

David Echeverria, Investment Consultant, Euro Pacific Capital

“I find that creating space and sculpting space in eurythmy awakens subtle senses. Whatever mood I walk in to the session, it is difficult not to leave with a smile. Lynn rolls out the welcome mat with warmth, acceptance, and joy.”

Joyce Muroka, Language and Speech Pathologist, Anaheim, CA

“Little by little the (eurythmy) information is being incorporated into my life. I am more relaxed and aware of areas where foundations are being built instead of automatically getting impatient for results or purpose. I feel more capable and accepting of myself and others.”

Jonella Ramsey, Administrator, Artist,
Claremont, CA

“I really enjoyed your way of teaching. You made eurythmy accessible to me in a way that I really connected with and your presence was so gentle, light, and engaging.”

Emily Chiesa Klein, Participant – Arcturus Conference, Chicago, IL

“The afterglow of your work with us was strong and positive.”  

Lois Smith, Camphill Village Minnesota

“We enjoyed our time with you immensely. It was really amazing. We were all blown away with your energy. I can’t thank you enough.”

Jasmine H, Participant in Teacher Training Program, Chicago, IL