Purification Phases after Death, Part 3

Sympathy and Antipathy in the Purification Phase after Death

Part 3 – The Purification Phases

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While we are here on earth the forces of sympathy and antipathy influence our biography — whether we have interest in or repulsion of the other human being, thing, or experience including being led to meet specific people, change our geographical locations, or undertake a new career.

These same spiritual forces, sympathy and antipathy that influence our behavior on earth also build the environment — the formations and the spiritual beings — of the (astral) Soul World and are used in the purification process of the human being’s soul after death.

The purification process is through degrees of sympathy and antipathy in each region. Our soul wants this purification process to advance our own spiritual evolution.

Briefly here are the 7 Purification Regions & Purification Processes:

Level One – Region of Burning Desire

*Built out of both sympathetic and antipathetic forces, in this region antipathetic forces dominant, this force shines light on our self-centeredness.

*The purification process in this region purifies the soul’s rudest self-serving desires, greediness, insatiableness. These lower desires are activated in the soul but in order to satisfy these desires requires a physical body. If the soul has not lost the desire then the soul suffers a burning desire. This burning lasts until the soul has learned to stop craving that which can only be provided by the body.

Level Two – Region of Flowing Sensitivity

*Sympathy and antipathy are in balance.

*This purification process in this region purifies our affinity to pleasures which are transitory sense impressions and superficial trivialities.

Level Three – Region of Wishes

*Sympathy predominates over antipathy.

*Sympathy reaches out over its boundaries giving it a fundamental note of self-seeking. The antipathy that is present in the wish brings a self-centerness to the wish. The degree to which we carry wishes over after death to which we are attached to will be purified.

Level Four – Region of Pleasure and Displeasure

*One we reach level four our antipathy has been burned off and transformed through the force of sympathy. There is no counteractive antipathy working in Regions 4-7.

*The force of sympathy is now determined through degrees of pleasure and displeasure.
Pleasure and displeasure are connected to the body through levels of comfort.

*This region purifies the connection to the physical body. Those who have committed suicide will have a most difficult time because they have left the physical body with many forces — many wishes and desires they had on earth — yet no body to fulfill.

Level Five – Region of Soul Light

*In this region the soul can unfold the forces of sympathy out into the soul world in general. One can benefit in this region if one sees joy and pleasure in their surroundings rather than giving themselves up to satisfying their lower needs.

*Purify to the extent that one can see the spiritual in systems, for example:
– one sees the processes of nature vs sense based pleasure in nature

– one chooses a system of education that the education served the whole vs.
choosing an education for a “paycheck.”

– if one only thinks they will receive spiritual paradise after death – they will
be purified to recognize the worthlessness in the ‘only the ease.’

Level Six – Region of Active Soul Power

*In this region the sluggish inner movement of antipathy of lower regions are transformed into power and mobility, pouring out from within.

*In this region, idealists are purified who are self-sacrificing but on a deeper level are motivated by heightened sensual pleasure. The artists and scientists in all of us are most susceptible to this – thinking that their artistic or scientific activity exists for pleasure vs for spiritual evolution.

Level Seven – Region of Soul Life

*This region’s purification process frees us from our last inclinations towards the sensory
physical world. Any belief that the soul’s activity should be devoted to the physical world is dissolved. Our soul realizes any materialistic belief is without merit.
*At this point our soul has completed its task. The soul, with the exception of an essence of its learnings and capacities from its most reincarnation, is absorbed into the Soul World.
*Through the process of soul purification, we take what is best out of our earthly incarnation and it goes with us to Spirit World — the home of our spirit.
In my next blog I will offer you three exercises that you can do to explore the forces of Sympathy and Antipathy so that both you and your loved one will have more capacities in the Soul World.

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