Purification Phases after Death, Part 1

The Seven Purification Phases after Death
Part 1: Foundational Info

Last month I was in the Los Angeles area giving talks and workshops about Relating to the Threshold. It was really fun to be in my old hood. Seeing dear friends and meeting new ones. One of the talks I offered was on how the forces of sympathy and antipathy are used in the seven purification phases after death. It was very interesting to do the research for this topic and the information that I shared during my talk was well received. It was so well received that it dawned on me that you might be interested in the cliff notes of the information that I shared.

Reminder: Only while we are alive on earth can we gain understanding and knowledge of the spiritual world. Understanding this information will support our own journey across the threshold (aka: when we die) and we will be a source of spiritual information for our loved ones who have died as well as provide them additional spiritual forces.

In Part 1 we will take a look at:

What are the forces of sympathy and antipathy? And how do these forces effect the human being while we are alive on earth.

Sympathy is the force that lives in our will —our capacity to do things. Sympathy is the force with which our soul is attracted to another human being, thing, idea, experience — we try to merge and let what is the common element between us take effect. You can often see sympathy living in children and their capacity to explore the world with wonder and awe.

Antipathy is the force that lives in our thinking. Antipathy is the force through which our soul repels and excludes the other human being, thing, idea, experience. Through antipathy we maintain our own identity. It helps us to individualize so that we may return to God through freedom. When we use antipathy appropriately it brings morality to our will, our activities.

When sympathy and antipathy meet in our soul we are then living in our feeling life. These forces, sympathy & antipathy, live in our soul along with the forces of our thinking, feeling and willing (how we move through the world).

On earth the soul mediates between the physical body and that part of us that is pure spirit. Our physical bodies would fry if we didn’t have the soul to mediate. Our soul allows our spirit to experience and learn about the physical world. Through the forces of sympathy and antipathy, we also find out what is uniquely us and have the opportunity to honor the uniqueness in the other.

While alive on earth our soul; through the forces of sympathy and antipathy; will be moved towards materialistic or spirit-filled choices. After death, when we have let go of our physical body, our soul which had a connection with the earth will no longer be interested in the material world and will now be solely dedicated to serving our spirit. This will inspire our soul to purify and transform its any of its purely materialistic connections; it’s desires and yearnings.

To summarize:
Much of our biography is created through the forces of sympathy and antipathy — meeting new people, avoiding others, choosing careers, experiences and geographical locations to live or travel to. These choices can be materialistic (self-centered) or spiritual (with a consciousness of goodness towards others). When we die, our soul will want to purify any materialistic choices and refine all spiritual choices. Our loved ones who have died are experiencing or have experienced these purification phases. They can learn through us what the specific purposes of each purification region and it’s processes.

I think this might be a good place to stop. In Part 2, I will review what happens after we die — highlighting where the purification phases in our journey after death happens. In Part 3 we’ll get into the nitty gritty of what the 7 Purification Phases look like.

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