Purification Phases after Death, Part 2

Sympathy and Antipathy in the Purification Phase after Death

Part 2 – What Happens After We Die

Let’s dive right into Part 2 of this three part series on Purification Phases. If you would like to read, or re-read, Part 1 follow this link: http://www.lynnstull.com/purification-phases-after-death/

To understand what happens after we die we need to understand that while alive on earth we are comprised of four interpenetrating bodies:

*Physical Body
-When we see someone dead this is all that we see: the physical body. The physical body is subject to the laws of the physical world, including decaying.

*Etheric Body
-The etheric body is invisible to most people and is often described as containing the growth forces of the human being. These growth forces are similar to what we see in the plants in nature. When we see someone sleeping we see their physical body and their etheric body.

*Astral Body/Soul Body
-This is an ‘invisible body’ that drives our desires, sympathies and antipathies, etc. It is that part of us that when the alarm goes off in the morning either says “yes, I am ready for this brand new day” or “no, let me sleep 15 more minutes.”

*The Ego (not the lower ego)/Our Spirit
This is the part of us that is God, pure Spirit. This is the part of us that gets up out of bed, stands upright to meet the world, and says; “Hello World!”

Here’s a brief look at what happens to those parts of us after we die:

As we cross over the threshold of death we meet the Guardian of the Threshold. At this time our physical body releases the etheric, astral/soul body and ego/spirit.

Etheric Mantle.
Our etheric body releases out into the etheric world through a review process. The person who has died will experience this as a panoramic review of one’s life from death backwards all the way to the moment of birth. This will be a very objective experience in that it will feel as though one is an onlooker to one’s life. Seeing one’s memories without the feelings attached to the memories. This will continue for approximately three days as the etheric body expands out evenly towards the sun. Making a circumference around the earth.

Soul World. Once the etheric body has finished its process it will release the astral (soul) body and the ego (Spirit) to the Soul World. It is here that there are 7 soul regions, and 7 soul processes that use the spiritual forces of sympathy and antipathy for purifying us from our attachments to the physical world but not our connection to other human beings. I will give a brief description of these 7 soul purification processes in Part 3 of this series.

Spirit World. Once the astral body has purified itself in the Soul World, the spirit part of the human being is released to Spirit World. The human being travels through 7 spirit regions, and 7 spiritual processes of refinement. It is here in Spirit World we prepare for our next incarnation – setting goals and intentions.

Reminder: The more spiritually conscious we are while alive in the physical world the more that we will be able to consciously create our next incarnation. If we don’t have knowledge of the spiritual world when we die then most likely we sleep through much of this process — allowing the spiritual beings to create our next life for us.

After this refinement period within the Spirit World there is a time spent with the forces of Zodiac, a time of spiritual sleep, and a moment of awakening. This moment of awakening provides the opportunity for one to decide if they want to return to earth for another lifetime of spiritual growth and to contribute to spiritual evolution.

Next week in Part 3 I will outline the seven purification processes of the Soul World.

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