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Easing Grief is an Online Home Study Program designed to empower, educate, and support those who prefer to grieve privately and desire to be pro-active in their own grieving process. Designed to guide one on a journey of renewal while creating a conscious relationship with the loved one who has died, this program might be for you if:

  • you believe in God
  • you understand the quality of devotion and feel a certain amount of devotional love towards your loved one who has died
  • you are willing to be engaged with spiritual (non-denominational) activities and practices which will teach you how to be in service to your loved one who has died
  • the concept of spiritual evolution makes sense to you
  • the thought of collaborating with your loved one to co-create for the future is intriguing to you

Easing Grief

easing-griefFinding Meaning by Serving
Loved Ones Who have Died

Online Home Study Program

*14 Videos
*Supporting PDF documents

Module One
The Basics of Communicating with
Loved Ones Who Have Died

Module Two
Creating an Effective Reading Practice
Which Nourishes Loved Ones

Module Three
Conscious Collaboration & Colors that Bring Us Closer to Loved Ones

Module Four
Eurythmy - Movement that
Loved Ones Can See

Module Five
The Soul’s Journey - What Loved Ones Experience in the Spiritual World

Module Six
Sustaining this Work in Everyday Life
Creating Healthy Boundaries

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