Out-of-Body Intensive – Plus Replay links (Audio & Video)

Me and BillLast week I had the unique experience of joining twenty other spiritual seekers for a Out-of-Body Intensive taught by William Buhlman.  For those of you who are not familiar with William Buhlman’s work, Mr. Buhlman has personally experienced and conducted out-of-body research for 40+ years and teaching others to have OBE’s for over 20+ years.
Mr. Buhlman has written four books on this topic.  Missing from the photo is:  Adventures in the Afterlife — which is also in my home, probably upstairs on my nightstand.

My interest in out-of-body experiences (OBE’s) started in my late twenties.  Back then I almost succeeded in leaving my body, it freaked me out, and I quickly put that spiritual goal off to the side.Several years later when I began to study Rudolf Steiner’s work I realized Steiner had consciously left his body in order to obtain the spiritual information and research he eventually spoke and wrote about.  However I still did not make the commitment to practicing OBE’s.In January of this year thoughts of OBE’s began to pop into my mind.  Clearly my loved ones who have died were at work, again.  My intention for my personal exploration of OBE’s is to:

*to experience my spiritual self
*to truly lift the veil between my loved ones who have died and myself
*to understand and experience the different levels of the Soul World (Astral)This was the first time I had met Mr. Buhlman. He is a very humble man. Knowledgeable and wise, he was generous with both his content and instruction.  Concerned that we understood the significance and importance of transcending the physical body before we die; he wanted each one of us to know that anyone can do this work.Mr. Buhlman’s next OBE Intensive is this summer.  You can find out more about Bill’s work at:  http://www.astralinfo.org

REPLAY LINK of the Wednesday, May 3rd – Audio Conference for the Central Region of the Anthroposophical Society
Earlier this month I was the guest speaker for The Bridging Project Audio Conference.
You can listen to a 30-minute summary of the talk and download the materials at no cost.
Here are the links:
30-Minute Talk:
Color Exercise Instructions:
 Support Images for the Color Exercise & Eurythmy Halleluia:
*three ways we receive collaborative communication from our loved ones via imagination, inspiration, and intuition
*five basic steps of co-creating with loved ones
*a color exercise to support collaborative work with loved ones across the threshold and the Halleluia
REPLAY – March 30, 2017 – Talk at the Theosophical Society of America

Wowza, we had over 650 views of the Facebook Livestream and over 700 Youtube views! If you viewed my talk:  Thank You!  If you missed it you can view it through this link:  https://youtu.be/6ndEZuLmCwU

Here are some of the questions I worked with during this talk:
*What is our current task as the Tenth Hierarchy of Spiritual Beings (aka Angelic Realm)?
*How have the past incarnations of the Earth impacted the human being and our spiritual evolution?
*What does the Fall, as represented in the Bible, have to do with our current incarnation and becoming Spirits of Freedom and Love?
*How do the soul forces of sympathy and antipathy guide us to becoming a Spirit of Freedom and Love?Questions or areas of interest that you would like me to blog on? Contact me directly: lynn@lynnstull.com.  I would love to hear from you.Thank you so much for your support of this work.

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