May 3 2017 ~ Audioconference: Co-Creating with Loved Ones Who Have Died

May 3 2017.  Audioconference for the Central Region’s Bridging Project:  Co-Creating with Loved Ones Who Have Died

REPLAY follow this link:

PDF for Color Exercise:


*three ways we receive collaborative communication from our loved ones via imagination, inspiration, and intuition          *five basic steps of co-creating with loved ones
*a color exercise to support collaborative work with loved ones across the threshold.

Agenda PDF download here: Agenda - May 3, 2017

For the color exercise images, Nupastel Pastel Color Sticks:
Carmine Red:

Carmine Red -CR

Cobalt Blue:

Cobalt Blue - CR

Notice the Madonna and the Eurythmy Ah have the colors of carmine red (self-less deed) and cobalt blue (devotion).

Madonna & Eurythmy Ah

Lilac, Violet:

Violets - CR
White & Viridian Green:

Viridian Green - CR

Bring all five colors into one painting:

Meeting with our Loved One
Eurythmy Halleluia:

Halleluia - CR