Looking Back After Death – Leave a Brilliant Light Behind

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Last night Christian Community Priest Rev. Julia mentioned in her awesome-ness webinar* talk that after we cross the threshold of death we will look back on earth. If we take a moment to think about it this it is quite a concept to wrap our minds around.

I remember reading in one of Rudolf Steiner’s lectures where he suggests the practice of looking back on ourselves as if we were not here on earth any more.  Literally he recommends that in the place of where we stand, sit, or are lying down — that there is a “hole.”  I have done it enough to know that it does feel a tad bit weird and at the same time you get a sense of the transitory quality of the physical body.  I think it is the seeing of a “hole” where you were which gives this effect.
I am sure you can come up with your own meditative practice around this idea of looking back on earth after we die, or try this simple 5-minute meditative practice that I offer:

*Create a moment of quietness
*Imagine you have crossed the threshold of death with ease and grace – maybe it is when you are older and might be lying in your bed
*You sense your angel by your side
*Look back and see what Rudolf Steiner talks about as a “hole” where you once were lying in your bed.  I see the “hole” as a missing puzzle piece
*Notice what your loved ones remember about you and your deeds of love towards them and the world
*Give your loved ones —and maybe those who are not so much your loved ones 😉 —a loving inner smile of gratitude
*Come back out of your meditation

If you enjoy tunes, you might find the video below inspiring.  It is related to what we are talking about. The song is from the sound track of the movie Phenomenon; Bryan Ferry’s Dance With Life, The Brilliant Life:

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