Know Thyself – Thinking

Know Thyself through Thinking
(Image: A mosaic from excavations in the convent of San Gregorio in Rome, featuring the Greek motto.  Source:  Wikipedia)

The command Know Thyself,  thought to have originated in the early civilization of Egypt, has been recommended by all great philosophers, teachers, and leaders.

One of the ways that we can know ourselves is through observing the thoughts and feelings that we have and reflecting on our deeds, those we accomplish and those left undone. In this newsletter/blog I would like to focus on our thinking.

Here are three ways that we can expand our thinking skills.  The first two are ideas are from indications that Rudolf Steiner gives us.

1.  Meditate on one item, daily for 5 minutes over days, weeks.  The more mundane the item the better.  It could be a pen, rock, seed, candle.  Think thoughts about the processes of the item.  For example trace the process of how was the object was made. Identify the resources that went into making it.  Order your thoughts about the object so that they follow each other logically.

2.  Meditate on silence or a sentence.  A sentence that I sometimes like to meditate on is:  Wisdom lives in the Light. Sometimes I will meditate on a geometric design, like the 5- or 7-pointed star.

3.  Read spiritual books that are filled with spiritual truths.  I found that the quality of my thinking changed after reading Rudolf Steiner’s lectures & books as well as with the more traditional versions of the Bible.  Thinking has a direct connection to spiritual truths.

Upon completing an exercise allow yourself the time to listen to the silence that follows.  Btw, these exercises are excellent to engage with our loved ones.  Just picture them sitting with you as you do them.

Here are four practical activities that one can easily fold into one’s day:
*Every so often stop yourself and be aware of what thought you are currently thinking.
*Reduce clutter in your home and office.  Clutter in our environment has a direct relationship to our thoughts.
*This idea I learned from Bill Buhlman.  Throughout your day practice affirming:  “Awareness Now” or “Clarity Now.”
*Significantly reduce the number of emails from your inbox.  Make this a daily practice.

To be a human being requires that we know ourselves through our thinking, feeling and willing. That we consciously create a breathing that connects the one with the other two.  This will allow each one to rightfully influence the other.

The eurythmy IAO is a simple, yet powerful, practice to balance these activities within us.
You can practice this daily – while making a cup of coffee or before you slip into bed at night.

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