Have you written your instructions for when you die?

My Final Wishes photoRecently I was blessed to witness someone crossing the sacred threshold of death. To be present at this person’s death, assist in preparing their body for a 3-day home vigil, experience moments of their home vigil, their service and celebratory memorial prompted me to think about my own inevitable death.

The time which immediately proceeds death and for several days after we die is very sacred. It is important to be thoughtful about how you want that time to look.  Preparing instructions, or wishes, are helpful for your loved ones and will support you receiving the appropriate care and spiritual attention.

Here are a few questions you might consider:

Who would I like to be present with me? 
– Identify who you would like to be present and their current contact information.  And yes,  if there are certain people that you prefer not to be present it is ok to request that too.
Do I want the Sacrament of Last Rites or a spiritual ritual performed?
– If so, who is the priest or person who will perform this and their contact info?Do I want a Three Day Home Vigil after I die?
– A three day home vigil eases the transition of death and the release of the etheric body. Keeping the body at rest and at home is easily done by washing the body with rose water and/or essential oils and then packing dry ice around the body. Put the contact information where one can find dry ice, how you ask for it from the retailer, and the amount of dry ice that is needed for your approximate body weight. Check for legal requirements, including who needs to be notified.  (http://peacefulpassageathome.com/cooling-the-body.html )

What is the “atmosphere” I want at the time of my death and for the 3-day Home Vigil? 
– Do you have a preference for silence, reading of spiritual material, eurythmy, conversation, singing, music, lots of laughter, fragrances, lit candles, being surrounded by beautiful images, or a bath of soft color lights shining on you. Be specific. Write down poems, specific spiritual lectures or books, music titles, etc.  If death is eminent put special items in a sacred box along with your instructions.

Do I want my body to be buried? or cremated? are environment concerns important to you?
There are many alternative options here.  Leave behind clear steps for your preferences.  In your instructions leave contact information and any legal information.

For more information on conscious dying and death I invite you to check out these resources:
*https://bestselfmedia.com/doing-death-differently/  ; (testimony – article)

* http://www.thresholdcarecircle.org/resources/my-final-wishes/ ; (workbook)




After you have prepared your instructions, speak to three of your favorite people and talk with them about your ideas for your death.  Give them a copy of your wishes (instructions) along with the freedom for them to do their best in the moment and remember to tell them you love them dearly. xo

With love and gratitude,

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