Colors of the Eurythmy Gesture

Dear Friends,

Eurythmy is often depicted in photos with a eurythmistEurythmy dress and veil
wearing beautiful flowing gowns and silks. When I was in eurythmy school we had to wait until our third year of our training before we were allowed to wear veils. I always felt that wearing the veil made my eurythmy gestures more etheric, more beautiful. Even today when I have the opportunity to perform I am enchanted by the veils and how my quality of movement is enhanced through them.

Participants in adult eurythmy classes don’t wear eurythmy dresses and veils. However we can learn to more fully enter into the eurythmy gesture through the indications for the colors of the dress, veil, and if you look closely on the drawing of the eurythmy “I” — the color of the muscle tension.

IThe eurythmy figure’s dress is yellow-orange. The soul mood qualities of yellow-orange are radiating, joyfilled, courageous. This tells one to fill the movement of the gesture “I” with the radiating, joyfilled, courageous qualities of yellow-orange.

The eurythmy figure’s veil is red. The soul mood quality of this particular red is the selfless deed. What this means is that one thinks about the other person in relationship to their deed. There is a quality of brotherhood/sisterhood and consciousness about the future. As one makes the “I” gesture one fills the gesture with a feeling of ‘selfless deed’.

Notice the small blue striping marks on the eurythmy figure? The soul mood quality of blue is devotion. The blue striping are the indication for one to fill one’s muscle tension in this part of one’s body with the feeling of devotion.
All of this is in the “I”. Wowza. I love eurythmy!I invite you to do the “I”. It is helpful to practice infusing your movement with one soul mood quality at a time. Would love to know how this was for you. Was it easy to understand? Did it invite you to try? Please feel free to email me at:

I am grateful for you.
ps. Here’s a photo of me, and veil, performing in Chicago. 🙂

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