Coco, the movie

CocoLast night I went and saw the new movie Coco. I loved Coco!  Have you seen it yet? Without giving away the storyline I can share with you that woven throughout the movie you’ll see:

-indications of what happens after we die
-how our actions here on earth effect our loved ones who have died
-and how our loved ones who have died effect us.

Who knew that an animated “children’s” movie would have such a strong message of the importance of cultivating living relationships with loved ones who have died. Bravo Disney!

That said, Coco isn’t perfect. What immediately stands out — is the “only one day a year” that the dead can visit the living and there are a few other items. But to have a major movie company produce and distribute a movie about cultivating a connection with the dead — is awesome and should be applauded.

While watching the movie, I invite you to observe:

*the brilliance and variations of color— when do the color levels and intensities changes happen? What has caused the changes?

*how the music created by the different characters “sound” — does it change through the different scenes of the movie?

*how do families, soul connections, meet in the afterlife — what is the foundation of the connections?

*how does Coco’s appearance and gestures change? what event(s) cause the changes?

*what is the connection of animals to the dead?

*what is the spiritual substance the dead receive from the living?

*what is the significance of “meaningful memories” to the dead — what capacity does it give to the dead

*why is the blessing from the dead imperative and what is the significance of the flower?

My hope is that Coco inspires conversations among family members and friends.

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