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Last March I committed to writing a book about a spiritual practice which focuses on being in Wonders At The Veil service to loved ones who have died. It has taken me over a year to write, edit, and create the actual book. It is titled: Wonders At The Veil.

My intention as I wrote this book was to make it accessible to people of all spiritual paths. This week I will be taking delivery of copies of the book. Needless to say I am kinda excited!

If you would like more information about the book or to purchase your copy, I invite you to follow this link: If you would like to know what the Table of Contents looks like follow the same link and make sure you scroll down a tad.

There are two upcoming events that I would love to have you attend or share the info with others who might be interested.

April 22nd. A good friend is hosting a celebration at her home in Eagle, Wisconsin. During this celebration I will share a little bit about the practice of being in service to loved ones as well as what one can expect to learn from reading the book. Below is a brief explanation.

Please join us to celebrate the publication of Wonders at the Veil
by Lynn Stull
Friday, April 22 from 7-9 pm
Lynn will present a short talk and sign books. Light appetizers will be served.

If you would like to attend this private celebration please send me a personal email and I will get you the details. (

May 6th. I will be speaking at the Emmaus Branch of Anthroposophy, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is part of a series that the branch is sponsoring called: Matters of Life and Death.

The topic of that event:
Create a Living Relationship With Your Loved One Who Has Died
Now is the time in our spiritual evolution to lift the veil between ourselves and our loved ones who have died. In this interactive talk we will look at why it was not appropriate for those at the time of Christ to have contact with the dead and why now it is essential. You will learn practical activities to safely engage and serve your loved ones, clues as to where they might be in their spiritual journey and why is important to know, and the five steps for collaboration.

If you would like details about this event please email me directly at:

If you live outside the Milwaukee area please contact me about how we can coordinate an event in your area. Whether it is in the Milwaukee area or your hometown, I look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you so much for your ongoing support! Please feel free to share this email with a friend.

Now is the time in our spiritual evolution to lift the veil between us and our loved ones who have died.

Kind regards,

ps. Coming soon details about the Institute for Veil Work

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