Blessings and Thank you




Dear Friends,

With this Winter Solstice I invite you to take a few moments of silence for yourself and recognize how the world has changed because of your presence in it. I know I am grateful for your presence in my world.  Thank you.  xo

Wishing you many blessings as we enter this Holy Season and for the New Year.



At the turning point of time
The Spirit-light of the world
Entered the stream of earth existence.
Darkness of night
Had ceased its reign;
Day-radiant light
Shone forth in human souls:
That gives warmth
To simple shepherds hearts;
Light that enlightens
The wise heads of kings.

Light Divine
Our hearts;
That good may become
What from our hearts
We are founding,
What from our heads
We direct,
With focused will.
– Rudolf Steiner


ps.  Rev. Cynthia Hindes, a recently retired Christian Community Priest, provided the inspiration for this artwork. Rev. Cynthia said that it is often called:  Our Lady of the Millennium.  Thank you, Rev. Cindy!

pss. I am grateful to be on this path with you.  Thank you for your support of this work.  Please feel free to forward this email to friends who respect and treasure this work.

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