Befriending Time and Space

Befriending Time and Space

Forces of Time and Space.
The forces of time and space are mysterious yet interesting aspects of being human.  Creative folks like you and me are particularly aware of them.  We can either be slaves to or work with these forces. I’d like to think I choose to work with them.  Which for me looks somewhat like: I am in the present moment, surrender to what is, affirm progress, make changes when necessary, and joyfully strive forwards.  But that doesn’t always happen.  Sometimes, more than I care to admit, I wish things happened sooner or later and that space was not so faraway or opposite — yikes! is too close.

Have you struggled with Time or Space?
If professionally you sometimes hold the question if seeing a client infrequently makes a difference in their life? Or personally you have tried to cultivate a new skill but are less than consistent at practicing or studying it?  Then I invite you to read on.

In this blog I would like to share with you the wisdom that I learned from these forces of time and space in regards to progress made, changes in human behavior, that came through doing eurythmy.

The week of March 14th I brought eurythmy to approximately 35 of the 50+ people that live in the community of Camphill Village Minnesota. All of my clients are my favorite but the folks at Camphill Village Minnesota are my favorite favorites. It was my fifth visit to this community since 2014 — bringing eurythmy to them on a bi-annual basis both in the spring and fall. As delightful is our time together — it is intensive.  Over five days I instruct and lead 12 individual eurythmy sessions and 14 groups eurythmy sessions. All culminating to a community sharing of eurythmy on the final day.

Wisdom learned from time and space.
Steadily I have seen positive changes in our work together.  However, this time I recognized three specific gifts that the art of eurythmy provided and were best seen through time (infrequent visits) and space (client distance).

Participants demonstrated significant behavior changes:

*Improved initiation and problem solving in the moment
*Individual self-assertion while maintaining an awareness of the groups needs
*Improved technical skills, specifically: physical flexibility and knowledge of where they were in space

Eurythmy is a time art expressed in space. It works with the creative forces of the cosmos, including time and space. The more I bring eurythmy to others – especially over a period of time and space — the more I understand why Rudolf Steiner called it the social art for our time.

Befriending time and space.
I like the idea of befriending the forces of time and space.  Allowing them to inform the effectiveness of the art forms I teach which in turn helps me to bring more value to my clients. If you have any insights regarding your experience of time and space in relation to your creative endeavors — it would be a joy to hear them.  Please email me at:

Thanks for reading and sharing.

Sending you love and wishes for an abundance of Truth, Beauty and Goodness in your life!

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