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3 Very Cool Ways Your Angel Inspires Your Creativity
Wonders At The Veil Reviews

Greetings Creative One!

Angels want to help create a better world. Particularly your Guiding Angel, aka Guardian Angel.  Angels have a difficult time working with us if we ignore them, or do not think spiritual thoughts on a regular basis. In this blog I share three ways your Guiding Angel, aka Guardian Angel, wants to inspires you. Not only is it cool stuff to know but it is also important.

3 Very Cool Ways Your Guiding Angel Wants to Inspire You:

1. To cultivate brotherly and sisterly love. Stated another way: We can’t be truly happy if our fellow brother or sister is not happy.

As you create your Angel will inspire you to make the shift of consciousness from:

Creating because it gives personal joy, satisfaction, etc.


Creating because it gives personal joy AND brings joy to the other. Through your creation there is the possibility of meeting the other with a feeling of “I see you and want to share your burden” and with this consciousness inviting an expansion of love and compassion between each other.

2.  To make every encounter you have with another human being a sacred act, a sacrament. Your Angel inspires you to carry an awareness that the Divine lives in each human being.

As you create engage your Angel to guide you in seeing the Divine in your client, customer, recipient of your creativity.  Also to assist you in recognizing that this relationship is nothing short of a sacrament – filled with grace, the sacred, the mysterious.

3.  This last point has to do with your thinking.  Your angel wants to inspire you to reach the spirit through your capacity of thinking. Huh? You ask.  Two questions that might help you consider this point are:  (a) How does spirit work in my own thinking? (b) When thoughts come into my awareness — are they mine or can I perceive the spiritual being behind the thought? I know this might be a new concept to many of us. It is the practice of observing your thoughts in everyday life.  You can also do this through meditation as well as thinking through to the spiritual essence of the things that we find in the material world.

As you create ask your Angel to help you access the spirit as you create as well as help you to observe and identify where spirit inspires your creative thoughts.

Consciously cultivating your relationship with your Angels is like cultivating and nurturing a good friendship; it takes a commitment.

Want to dive deeper into understanding Angels?  Check out Rudolf Steiner’s lecture: The Work of the Angel in our Astral Body, Zurich, 9 October 1918.  It’s free and you can find it online at:  This lecture is also found in a lecture collection titled: Angels by Rudolf Steiner.  Which can be purchased at:

The Reviews Are Coming In….

BIG thanks to all of you who have purchased Wonders At The Veil.  Here are a few reviews:

Thank you for your beautiful book. It is such a gift to both worlds!

The two of you (reader is also crediting my daughter Lara) are bringing forth much
light, love and consciousness to our world’s understanding of life, death and the veil    between.

I have been working my way through your book and must say it is opening new doors.  It’s so gentle and well written and practical. I thank you and as you know, its not just helping me, but those other wonders at the veil.

Beautifully written!  Enlightening, helpful guide sprinkled with beautiful and personal touches throughout.

If you would like your personalized copy of Wonders At The Veil head on over to:  or copies can also be purchased through regular book outlets.  This is really important work so please help me get the word out about it to others.

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