All Soul’s Day – Appreciation

tender heartAll Soul’s Day is when we on earth honor and pray for those who have died. Appreciation is a wonderful way to honor and strengthen connection with our loved ones who have died. Here’s a simple process that takes less than five minutes.

*Bring your loved one who has died clearly into your mind and heart.

*Create a living picture of a Meaningful Memory in your mind and fill it with your love and gratitude and see yourself giving this memory to your loved one who has died.

*See your loved one receiving your memory and watch for their reaction.

You can add to this experience by saying a prayer your loved one enjoyed or reading a page or two from a spiritual book.

What is a Meaningful Memory? A Meaning Memory can include:
–What you are most grateful to your loved one for.
–A way your life is different today because your loved one was in it.
–Notable things your loved one said to you.
–Your loved one’s contribution to you, their family, work, the world.

You can use the same Meaningful Memory over and over to acknowledge the appreciation you have for your loved one.

Kind regards,