Acting class. And you?

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Last night I took an acting class. One of the things I like about myself is that I am fairly adventurous. Sometimes it gets me into trouble but for the most part it takes me into the most delightful experiences. And last night’s acting class was just that — delightful.

First Handout in Acting Class

First Handout in Acting Class

At the beginning of the class the teacher had us come together as a circle. I looked around the circle at all of the faces. Some faces were filled with curiosity, some with trepidation, some with anticipation, several of us, including mine, with joy. All of us ready to start our 6 week journey of BASIC ACTING I, taught by Hope Parow, at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We were a community of twenty, or so, folks. Coming from different social and economic backgrounds. Age wise, we were young (20’s) and older (60+) and in between. Our skin color varied. To one person, English was a second language. There were a handful who were professional teachers in a field of expertise outside of acting but most of us were working in a variety of different careers. Two women were retired.

Our reasons for taking the acting class were varied. A few had been actors in local community plays and improving their craft was their goal. One was in a several commercials as a child and was interested to know if she, as an adult, had acting potential. One wanted to see if he had that special something. One desired more confidence. One had gone to community theatre often and was interested to know what it felt like to be an actor on stage. Many thought it would be fun. I felt rather lame. Could I really say I was taking the class because of a suggestion of someone I only met once last fall, and would never see again, kept popping up at the strangest times — so I impulsively registered for the class?

Hope, our exuberant teacher, captured our attention quickly by engaging us in several exercises. Through the doing of the acting exercises we had to interact with each other. Exposing ourselves to each other we smiled, laughed and created. We needed the other person to work on strengthening our peripheral vision, improving our reaction time, throwing the line/energy to the other actor, presencing, anticipating, and preparing for the unknown to happen. All skills that can easily translate to our daily lives, both personal and professional. We learned a lot in what felt like a very short hour and a half class.

Within in a short period of time a sense of community was beginning to be built. The skills and techniques that are needed to be an actor, when practiced, help one in building a healthy community. Acting class. Very cool.

2016 is a new year. I am inviting new adventures into my life. One of those new adventures is an acting class. And you? What new artistic skill will you begin to nurture in yourself this year? I would love to hear from you.

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In Truth, Beauty and Goodness,
January 5, 2016

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