About Lynn Stull

Lynn Stull

Eurythmist, Author, Speaker

There are three golden threads woven throughout my personal and professional life. The first thread is my thirst for knowledge of the spiritual world. I am a seeker of spiritual Truth. Second, is that I require Beauty in my life. Beauty both in my home and work environments. I feel a responsibility to do my part in creating more Beauty in the world. The third thread is an awareness of the future. I recognize that when I have a consciousness of bringing Goodness into my action I can impact the future in a positive way.

I love to work with clients and organizations who resonant with these golden threads and see them at work in the tapestry of their own lives and the work environments.

My product offerings; Speaking to Inspire, Eurythmy, Easing Grief, and Wonders At the Veil, were created in response to my own personal journey and need for re-connection to myself and others. I was a successful television executive with a blessed home life. After a loved one had died, I was quite at a loss as to who I was and what my purpose was in the world. It became very easy to disconnect from myself and others. I was fortunate that I was able to answer the inspiration to explore the arts. First color and then the movement of eurythmy.

I studied the technique of Light, Darkness and Colour in Painting Therapy, sold my paintings at many art shows in the Los Angeles area, and received several awards along the way. I earned my eurythmy diploma in 2009 and have since taken many therapeutic eurythmy classes.

Combining my business sensibility with my artistic skills I feel I offer my clients a unique prospective.

You can reach me directly at lynn@lynnstull.com.  I usually respond to emails within 24 hours — so if you don’t hear from me please try my personal email account at:  lbsapphire@aol.com.  With so many emails automatically going to the spam folder it’s nice to have a secondary email account.

Kind regards,