Rudolf Steiner’s First Encounter with the Dead

Steiner Book's on the Dead

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On this date in 1925, Rudolf Steiner crossed the threshold of death.

Rudolf Steiner’s first experience with the dead was when he was still a young boy. Sitting alone in the waiting room of the railroad station where his father was station master. All of a sudden a woman appeared in the doorway, comes into the center of the room speaking and gesturing words which might be interpreted as: “Try to do as much as you can for me — both now and later!” She stayed for a moment and then disappeared into the other side of the room.

A few days later – Rudolf Steiner found out that a close family relation had committed suicide in the very hour when the figure had appeared to the him. Rudolf Steiner spoke about how this relative’s spirit made such an impression on his soul.*

Rudolf Steiner’s indications for how to work with the dead revolutionizes the way we can approach our loved ones who have died while in this incarnation.

Grateful for this man!

If you are unaware of Rudolf Steiner’s work here is a little bit more biographical info on Rudolf Steiner’s contribution to the world:

Rudolf Steiner was a spiritual researcher, philosopher, and so much more — in the early 1900’s till his death Rudolf Steiner share his spiritual knowledge through the 30 books he authored and the 6000+ lectures he gave on topics including esoteric Christianity, spiritual concepts to enliven day-to-day life including Waldorf education, Biodynamic Agriculture and Gardening, Medicine, Economics, Social aspects of living in Community, and The Arts. A human being who through freedom and love, influenced the evolution of spirituality for our times and into the future.

*Source: Staying Connected, How to Continue Your Relationships with Those Who Have Died. Collection of lectures by Rudolf Steiner

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