May 3 2017.  Audioconference for the Central Region’s Bridging Project:  Co-Creating with Loved Ones Who Have Died

REPLAY follow this link:

PDF for Color Exercise:


*three ways we receive collaborative communication from our loved ones via imagination, inspiration, and intuition          *five basic steps of co-creating with loved ones
*a color exercise to support collaborative work with loved ones across the threshold.

Agenda PDF download here: Agenda – May 3, 2017

For the color exercise images, Nupastel Pastel Color Sticks:
Carmine Red:

Carmine Red -CR






Cobalt Blue:

Cobalt Blue - CR

Notice the Madonna and the Eurythmy Ah have the colors of carmine red (self-less deed) and cobalt blue (devotion).

Madonna & Eurythmy Ah

Lilac, Violet:

Violets - CR
White & Viridian Green:

Viridian Green - CR

Bring all five colors into one painting:

Meeting with our Loved One
Eurythmy Halleluia:

Halleluia - CR


March 2017.  Talk given at the Theosophical Society.  Learn how we are to become the 10th Spiritual Hierarchy of Angels:  Spirits of Freedom and Love,  how sympathy and antipathy guide us to becoming Spirits of Freedom and Love, Rudolf Steiner’s encounter with someone who had died, three ways that our loved ones who have died communicate to us, and three ways to nourish the divine in you.